→ Musical and dance Zoom improvisation

"Play Me Out. The Stories of Humans" Alena Ageeva

april 15, 19, 22, 26 / 20:00 / 18+
To become a viewer, you just need to follow the link at 20 00 on any of the show days.

Russian version
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Jorge Lois Borges said: "There are only four stories. one about a city sieged and defended by brave men (the Troy of the Homeric poems); another, the story of a return (Ulysses comes back to Ithaca); the third, a variation of the last, is about a search (Jason and the Golden Fleece, the thirty birds and the Simurg, Ahab and the whale, the heroes of James and Kafka); and the last one about a sacrifice of a god (Attis, Odin, Christ). Borges then concludes: "Four are the stories. During the time left to us we will continue telling them, transformed."

At a particular time, at the Zoom conference gather 2 musicians, 2 dancers, an unlimited number of viewers, and 1 host.
All the participants are located in different parts of the world locked down in their own houses.

Any person from the audience tells a story not longer than one minute. The narrator chooses a musician and a dancer and they begin a 5-minute improvisation together.

Maximum of 4 stories per session.

Each time, the cast of performers (dancers and musicians) will change, so you can come to each meeting, tell the same story and see how it will be shown in a new way.

The international project involves people from different countries, so we are not only blurring the boundaries between genres, but also the boundaries of space, time, language, cultural experience and physical capabilities.

All sessions will be recorded and then posted on a separate Instagram, as cultural Chronicles of self-isolation.

Idea and implementation — Alyona Ageeva
Dance — Alyona Ageeva, Alexander Gromyko
Music — David Block (France), Marina Schlagintweit (Germany)